30th July to 7th August 2016

 Bringing Beadworkers Together

Welcome to National Beading Week 2016

Following on from the success of last years National Beading Week we are looking forward to an even bigger and better celebration this year!

National Beading Week is a time to celebrate our passion for beads, to encourage others to start beading and to support bead businesses around the country. This event is sponsored by The Beadworkers Guild but you do not have to be a member to take part. So please spread the word and let’s make this a celebration to remember!

We have lots of ideas for how you can celebrate National Beading Week, whether you are an individual beader, beading group, internet trader or shop. We can’t wait to hear about all the exciting events that are going to take place around the country, so do let us know what you have planned and we will publicise them on this website.

Visit the Goodies page for lots of free patterns and the Bumph page for more free downloads including a Guild membership form with a special offer for National Beading Week.

Also visit our facebook page during NBW for lots of exciting events and offers www.facebook.com/BeadworkersGuild

NBW Ambassador: Heather Kingsley-Heath (Bath)

It's no secret that I love beads! but it goes way deeper than that, whether it's digging through the centuries of history, or grappling with a new piece, or simply falling for yet another gorgeous bead, colour, shape; this amazing craft has infinite possibilities. Deeper on another level too, because you're instantly made welcome wherever in the world a group of beaders gather.

National Beading Week embraces all of that and one more thing, the perfect excuse to get the beads out and party on. I'm hoping you'll all have fun stacking a rainbow of bracelets with my free NBW pattern on the Goodies page - lets spread the beady rainbow!


NBW Ambassador: Laura McCabe (America)

Beading is a magical art form. It transcends space and time; bead making and body adornment being one of the first know human artistic pursuits. It is a unifier amongst people; it can be found in virtually every culture since the dawn of man. By continuing the art form and expounding upon the traditions we are able to celebrate our common interests, our creative history and share the magic with each other.

I look forward to sharing a love of beads, their history and their modern applications with all of you during National Beading Week this July and August.

See the Goodies page for Laura's free NBW pattern which will be release on 23rd July 2016.