Bringing Beadworkers Together - 29th July to 6th August 2017

Where would we be without our bead shops and traders? Twenty years ago we all struggled to purchase the variety and quality of beads that can be bought today, so we believe it is very important to support our bead businesses around the country to ensure that we continue to be able to buy the best products for our craft.

If you own a bead business in the UK please help us to help you by supporting National Beading Week and provide your customers with a wonderful experience during NBW. At the bottom of the page are lots of ideas of how you can get your customers involved in NBW, on the ‘Bumph’ page you will find a logo and artwork to use in your publicity and on the 'Goodies' page you will find lots of free patterns to offer to your customers.

We will also include a list of events taking place during NBW on the website; do let us know what you have planned so we can provide you with free advertising for all your activities and special offers (just email: with your logo and the text you would like uploaded to the website).

Free Advertising

Shops and Traders if you would like to have your National Beading Week event or offer advertised on this website for free email

Please email your logo and the text you would like us to upload

(please can you ensure that your text is proofed and ready to upload on the website. The NBW team are all volunteers and we would appreciate it if you kept the workload to a minimum please)

Ideas for National Beading Week

  • Offer discounts to your customers to encourage them to visit your shop or website during NBW.
  • Organise taster workshops to introduce customers to the products you sell.
  • Provide free pattern downloads on your website to celebrate NBW or link to the free downloads on our Goodies page.
  • Invite local beading groups to your shop and provide free tea and biscuits or organise an event together.
  • Hold a Bead Bombing day or walk in sessions and invite beaders to add to your beaded chain (see our Bead Bombing page for ideas and free patterns).
  • Hold a local beading competition to incorporate products from your shop/website.
  • Provide free goodie bags for the first 50 customers to visit your shop during NBW or to place the first orders on your website.
  • Hold an exhibition of local beaders work or open a gallery on your website and encourage beaders to send you images of their work.
  • Take your internet business to a local beading group and enjoy the day together.
  • Hold a raffle and invite local beaders to the draw during NBW.
  • Invite a NBW Ambassador to your shop to provide a talk, demonstration or workshop or ask if they can provide a free download for your website.
  • Provide free walk-in beading sessions for beginners to encourage new customers.
  • Find out what’s happening in your local area during NBW and take a stall at your local craft fair or market.
  • Decorate your shop with beaded and paper chains to create a party atmosphere or use our free artwork downloads on our Goodies page and decorate your website.
  • Provide free packs of beads (with your business card) to your local beading group for them to use in their Bead Bombing activities.

Katie Dean will be running a free beadalong on her Beadflowers website. This is a chance for you to join in and take a few minutes out of each day having some fun and relaxing with your beads! You'll be getting free tuition from Katie. She has three projects on offer, covering seed bead-weaving and French beading. There is something for complete beginners and more experienced beaders alike. In addition to this, Katie will be running some special events and offers on the Beadflowers website throughout National Beading Week

Get all the details at this address:

Summer 2017 Secret Beadalong Day

Combined with my Summer 2017 Beadalong and taking place on the first day of National Beading Week, this beadalong day will be the ideal opportunity to meet beading friends and beadalong with them. Click on the link below to book your place.

50% discount for Guild Members

NBW Ambassador: Lorraine Whitehouse (Oak Tree Crafts)

To create something with your hands is a wonderful feeling. Even with all my years of experience I still get a buzz from taking a selection of shapes, colours and sizes, and making them into a beautiful piece of jewellery or an object. It doesn’t matter if you are following a designers pattern or creating your own project the feeling is the same; achievement, satisfaction and of course a smile. Regardless of ability it is a craft for everyone. So join in with National Beading Week and meet like-minded people, learn new techniques and of course have fun.

NBW Ambassadors: Johnny & Joanne (Southampton Bead Shop)

When you enter the world of beading, you’re diving into a wonderful creative craft where the only limit is your imagination! In here, you’re engaging with thousands of like-minded people, creating a bespoke and exciting creation that’s practical and stunning. It’s one of a kind hobby that never fails to get your creative juices flowing!

NBW Ambassador: Ann Tucker (Tanzee Designs)

We love National Beading Week and the opportunity it gives us to encourage people to ‘have a go’ at Beading. Showing a novice beader that anyone can combine colours to create something beautiful is so rewarding, especially if it’s a person who has thought for years that they couldn’t be artistic because they can’t draw.