Bringing Beadworkers together - 27th July to the 4th August 2019

We've had another fabulous International Beading Week and look forward to celebrating IBW 2020 with you. 

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Guest Ambassador: Anita Adamson - Arizona USA

Ten years ago, the vast majority of you had never heard of me. Then, in 2013, I conceived the idea of Seed Beads and More, a group that would be different from any of the beading groups available at that time. I envisioned a community of beaders, who would become friends as well, a place free of ads. It would be a “safe place”, a haven, if you will, for beaders of all skill levels to show their work without fear of harsh comments; a place where beginners could ask questions,

and not be ridiculed for a question being too simplistic. Thanks to our fantastic members, the group has become all that and more. Many of us feel almost as if it is our extended family now. Starting with 12 members, I could never have dreamed it would grow to 10,000 worldwide members by now (and still growing steadily), yet continue to maintain that small group atmosphere. We have learned that beading has no language barriers, because we all share the languages of universal beading and friendship. Our motto is Creating Unity across All Borders, One Bead at a Time. Many of us have developed close friendships with beaders halfway around the world.
I feel so honored and overwhelmed that the Beadworkers Guild has decided I deserve the title of being a 2019 International Ambassador for my work with the group. 
Seed Beads and More offers Bead-a-longs each month, featuring popular designers. July will be no different. We will have a month long Bead-a-Long featuring all the Free Goodies patterns from the 2019 IBW site. We’ll also be sharing news of any upcoming IBW events during the weeks leading up to IBW. 
Why not come join us?