Bringing Beadworkers together - 28th July to 5th August 2018

What’s it all about?

International Beading Week started as a little acorn of an idea, in a Guild Journal meeting some years ago, and has grown and grown into a worldwide event that celebrates our passion for stitching with beads. The original ethos of our idea was (and still is) to educate and encourage the wider public to participate in beading, to support bead traders so we could continue to have an excellent source of supplies and to have some fun sharing our passion with others in our local area.

We’re often asked why we chose a week in the summer holidays to celebrate International Beading Week (IBW), but there was definitely method in our madness. Obviously we needed to choose a time in the Guild calendar when we could dedicate our time to organising activities for the event. This is also a quiet time on the bead shows calendar, which means that

 traders are quieter, so would have time to dedicate to local events, and hopefully it would boost their business in a quiet period. The summer months are a time when there are lots of local fairs and events that we 

could all participate in without the necessity of having to organise our own dedicated events. Finally, if our craft is to thrive in the future, there is a real need for us to pass on our skills to younger generations, and what better time to do this than when they are on holiday?

Don’t miss out!

We are so proud of how this event has grown over the years and that beaders from around the world want to participate too, but there is still lots we can do to make this event bigger and better than ever. If you’ve never participated in NBW/IBW before, please do take a look at this website, there are lots of ideas on how you can get involved and so many freebies, it would be a shame to miss out.

Future Planning

We’ve lots of ideas for the future, some will happen this year and some may take a little longer to organise, but if you have any ideas or would like to get involved and help out, please do get in contact.

Going international - this year National Beading Week is being transformed into International Beading Week, therefore the website and email address will change to and We will also be introducing a dedicated Facebook page

Beginners page - This year we will be introducing a new page on the website dedicated to those just getting started with beading. Hopefully this will encourage more to take up beading, but will also provide resources for those participating in IBW who want to teach beginners at their events.

Whatever you have planned for NBW/IBW we hope it will be fun and remember to keep an eye on the website for all the latest news, events, special offers and freebies.

Lets spread the beading bug!