Bringing Beadworkers Together - 29th July to 6th August 2017

Yarn bombing has become a very popular form of street art over the last few years, whereby knitters decorate their community by knitting around urban objects such as benches, bus shelters, fencing, trees etc. to create colourful displays. We think this is a wonderful way of celebrating creativity, although we are not suggesting that you take to the streets and bead everything in sight! But wouldn't it be wonderful to create a colourful display of beading that everyone can participate in?

So our idea is to make chains of beading that you can decorate your National Beading Week venue with, whether you are celebrating at home, in your community hall or at your local beading shop. We have lots of ideas and free downloads to get you started on your beaded chains and we hope that you will join in the spirit of National Beading Week and bead together to create some wonderful displays.

We would love to see your Bead Bombing ideas: please send us photos of your beaded chains so we can put them up on the website and encourage others to take part. You can get started on your beaded chains right now in preparation for National Beading Week or organise an event to coincide with NBW and get lots of beaders together making chains.

                          Beaded Chain Links - Free Patterns

These simple strips of Peyote stitch can be zipped together to make interlinking chains to decorate your National Beading Week venue or they can be made in to bracelets and then linked together to make a temporary chain, which can be disassembled at the end of your event. 

We have provided lots of free charted designs to get you started (available to download on the 'Goodies' page) or you could design your own Beaded Chains. 

Beaded Bead Chains

Here is the Beadworkers Guild's very own Beaded Bead Chain made by members for our 10th anniversary. With almost 400 individual beaded beads and measuring over 10 metres long, it looks quite spectacular when displayed.

Why not make your own beaded bead chain or add to the Guild's chain and send us your beaded beads?

For lots more Bead Bombing ideas  visit our Pinterest board

Group Bunting


If you are part of a beading group why not help us to promote your group around the country by adding to our Group Bunting? For more details visit the Goodies page.

NBW Ambassador: Juliet Browse (Spoilt Rotten Beads)

Spoilt Rotten Beads is really excited to be supporting National Beading Week 2017. National Beading Week is a wonderful event that brings beaders together from all over the UK, showcasing the amazing creativity in the beading community, encouraging one another and bringing new people into the wonderful world of beads. We'll be running lots of fun competitions, giveaways and free "make and take" sessions during the week, so do pop by to join in the fun!

NBW Ambassador: Cath Thomas from Switzerland 

I am a Dutch girl living in Switzerland.  My love of beading and the shared love of the craft via Facebook is what connected me to the world, beyond the walls I am secluded to, and became the foundation of very meaningful friendships.  National Beading Week is all about bringing the art of beading to more people. I love this idea conceived by the Beadworker's Guild. It is truly an honour to be chosen as an ambassador for this event. Beading can save our sanity. It is a beautiful art form that can be done in a small corner of a room, on a plane, in a car. It offers just the right escape when we need it. We can get immersed in the creative process and be  swept away in the act of making beauty. I created a group on Facebook where people from all horizons, the world of passionate beaders around this planet, would feel encouraged to participate in this week of  beading frenzy

NBW Ambassador: Jean Power

After joining in National Beading Week for the last 2 years, and hosting a take-over of the Guild's Facebook page last year for a fun few hours, I'm really looking forward to this year and getting to host & join in some more beady events and raise even more money for charity through beading. I delight in being able to share my love of beading with others and this week-long event is just perfect to raise awareness of beading and the wonderful beaded art work being created all around us. Bring on National Beading Week!